Mercedes Car Repair provide a fast, affordable and reliable car bodyshop service for customers, fix dents and scratches or simply upgrade your car today.

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Our car body repair specialists will come and collect your car or you can deliver it to our nearest car repair centre. You'll be able to track the progress of your car repair online.

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Different types of car body repair
crashed car, damage, dent

Car scratches

We repair car scratches and minor surface grazes on the body of your car. Contact us for a car scratch repair quote today.
crash test, collision, 60 km h

Car dents

We provide an affordable car dent repair service for our customers. Contact us to find out the cost to fix your car dent repair today.
car tire, car hubcap, auto tire

Car Wheel Refurbishment

Car wheel refurbishment is one of the primary services we provide around the UK, contact us today with your wheel refurbishment requirements.
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Car body skins and wrapping

We provide professional car body spray service as well as car body wrapping. Contact us today for a free car body wrapping quotation.
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Car body lighting

We can modify or repair the lighting on your car. We provide external and internal car lighting repair and modification services.
crash test, collision, 60 km h

Car body repair quote

Get a car body repair quote and find out if it's worth your money repairing your car. Contact us today for an affordable car body repair quote.
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Contact our car bodyshop today to provide us with your car body repair requirements.